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Authentic Content at

Scaling your UGC marketing operation is challenging.
Discovering micro influencers, engaging with content creators, and continually updating User-generated content across channels takes a small army. Streamline discovery, filtering and selection with powerful tools at your fingertips.

Aggregate from across Networks

Collect all relevant content from across social channels so you never miss a a mention or photo tag. Track content by hashtags and keywords and filter out the gems with automation and image recognition technology.

Unify all your content in a single view and organize it in feeds with powerful workflows or manual selection processes that you can delegate to your team.


Bring Order to the Flow of Content

Find the perfect piece of content with sophisticated automation, AI, algorithms, search filters, sentiment analysis and image recognition.

Select content that shows strong social signals to ensure content will perform beyond expectations.


Keep Final Control Over What
Content Gets Published

Final content selection can be made from web and mobile apps, so content linked to specific campaigns, channels or locations can be managed by the team responsible.

Once automated workflows have made a preselection of the most relevant content, quickly go through the remaining multimedia files to make the final selection.


Secure & Manage Content Rights - Seal the Deal

When you’ve found the right content, use the Livereach platform to streamline outreach and rights management with personalized message templates, opt-in hashtags and rights landing pages. Secure full rights to use content across channels and campaigns.


Bring in Your Own Content to Mix & Match

Want to combine UGC with your own brand content quickly? Simply upload it to our content library and add it to your content feeds.

Use the same powerful automation and visual AI you use for UGC selection to comb through your own content.

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