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Insights Cloud

Analyse and Visualize Social, News and Internal Data on Large Displays, Mobile Devices and Your PC.


Collect & Transform Real Time
Data from across Channels

Source and query real time data from across social channels, news and the web to gain insights on topics, trends, keywords and hashtags. Connect and model your own data sources for a unified view across internal and external data.

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Create Engaging Visual Stories from Live Data

Use our powerful display builder to create stunning visual storylines from a large widget library including charts, maps, multimedia content, newstickers and more.

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Control & Mirror Your Data in Real Time with Touch on any Device.

All visual storylines can be controlled from your mobile device or tablet. Control which scene or story to show on which display and drill down into your data on the big screen. Decide what to show in on any display, in any location, in real time.

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Keep Your Displays Running,
Consistently and at Scale

Feel safe knowing that everything is up and running. Monitor and manage all connected displays in real time, see what is shown where, perform simple troubleshooting and set content schedules with ease.

Help Everyone Make Informed Decisions

Give live data the visual presence inside your organisation that is needed to ensure everyone’s decisions are driven by data.

Improve Information Flow throughout Your Organisation

Improve information flow throughout your organisation and encourage conversations around live data.

Put Your Customers’ Voice Front & Center

Bring visibility to social, news and internal data, where it matters the most, in real time.

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