Your Social, News &
Internal Live Data,
on Any Device.

Controll all your visuals from mobile device or tablet.
All your data visuals can be viewed and controlled from your mobile device or tablet. Control which scene or story to show on which display and drill down into your data on the big screen. Decide what to show in on any display, in any location, in real time.
Mobile Control

Your Data, Always with You.

Extend the reach of your data experience to any device within your organisation. With our mobile apps for iOS and Android access data on the go to get a quick overview over live developments or take a deep dive to reveal deeper insights behind single data points. Navigate through your data in a natural way by going from display to scene to chart to single data point. To never miss an important event, receive alerts for data triggers that you previously set up.

Data Experience

Control Your Displays
from Your
Phone or Tablet

Control what to show on all your displays from your mobile device and tablet. So when you want to show your team that specific scene or data point on the big screen, just pull out your phone, select the content you want to show and where to show it. Bring your morning briefings and telcos to a whole new level.

Mobile control

Live Stream What You See and
Do to Any Location with a

Do you need to go through live data with your colleagues in another location who don’t have a full data display setup. Just share a Live URL that mirrors what you see on your Livereach mobile app, in real time. Conference calls and briefings will be much more engaging.

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