Collect and Transform
Real Time Data from
across Channels

Social, web, news and internal data, sourced at scale.
Query real time and historical data from across channels. Connect and model your own data sources for a unified internal and external view.
Large Data Coverage

Query Real Time Data from across Channels

Tab into a wealth of information sourced from live and historical cross channel data.

Large Data Coverage
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, News, Blogs and a multitude of additional sources.
+ Connect your own data sources for a unified view.

Real Time & Historical Results
Get real time results on live data to drive fast decisions or uncover trends in historical data.

Custom Cross Channel Data Tracking
Track custom channel sources by account, feed or simply by URL to create individual data views that you can benchmark and combine with industry and topic data.

Deep Data Queries

Deep Dive into Live and Historical Data

Query social data across dimensions and find the metrics that matter most to you including Engagement, Mentions and Sentiment, bird’s-eye view or zoomed in, we have you covered.

Bonus: Go beyond text and social stats with our Visual AI that will uncover insights from visual images.

Custom Data Sources

Connect Your Own Data Sources

Map your own live data sources in standard formats including JSON, XML or CSV to our content engine to create a unified data view accross external and internal data. Connect your database servers, with support for both popular SQL (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Micosoft) and NOSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB)

Data Transformation

Complex Data Transformation Made Easy

The drag-and-drop data transformation interface allows for quick data normalization and transformation, filtering, setting of custom metrics, dimensions and group-by’s without the need to create complex queries.

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